The ICON Warranty: A Quick Look

ICON® EV has a great warranty. Consider this blog post a highlight reel! This means we’ll tell you what kind of protection you can expect no matter which model of ICON golf cart you buy.

For full details about your EV golf cart, refer to your specific model’s warranty documentation.

ICON Warranty Quick Facts

You can expect comprehensive, accessory-friendly coverage:

  • Batteries are covered
  • Windshields are covered
  • Accessories are covered if installed by Ultimate Carts
  • Upgrades are covered if installed by Ultimate Carts

ICON’s warranty program backs up their quality craftsmanship — and they stand by the longevity of their golf carts.  Enjoy worry-free ownership with ICON.

Batteries are covered

All batteries that come with a new ICON® golf cart are covered under warranty for a period of two years. 

Certain circumstances may lead to coverage exclusions, including

  1. Lack of maintenance — Failure to properly maintain the batteries, such as not following recommended maintenance procedures or neglecting to perform necessary maintenance tasks
  2. Consistent undercharging — If the batteries are consistently undercharged, leading to reduced performance or premature failure
  3. Third-party electrical or wiring issue — If the battery failure is a result of issues caused by external non-manufacturer factors, such as problems with the electrical source or wiring unrelated to the golf cart itself
  4. Tampering with the charger or charger algorithms — Any unauthorized modifications that affect the charger manufacturer’s intended functions or performance, or those of its algorithms

Windshields are covered

The ICON warranty covers repair or replacement of your windshield that is the result of manufacturing defects. Refer to your ICON golf cart model’s documentation for specific terms and conditions. 

Coverage exclusions may apply in cases where damage is caused by road debris, external or third-party sources, misuse of the windshield, abuse of the windshield, or excessive wear-and-tear.

Ultimate Carts lets you personalize your cart without voiding your warranty

Personalization is part of the Ultimate Experience! We want you to add accessories and modify your EV golf cart to fit your needs and personal style. 

Here are the facts:

  1. Unauthorized modifications are a quick-and-easy way to void your warranty (or get in trouble with the law)
  2. As authorized dealers of ICON EV golf carts, Ultimate Carts can make modifications to your ICON that won’t affect your warranty coverage

Modifications are changes to your golf cart that improve performance, speed, style, or function. This can include things like lift kits or tire size changes. Accessories are modifications that don’t change the basic structure of the cart. This includes things like cup holders, some lighting systems, or seat cover upgrades. 

ICON’s requirement that only authorized dealers install modifications and accessories ensures that everything is properly installed, minimizing the risk of any issues or damage that could affect warranty coverage. 

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About ICON® EV 

ICON® EV is a prominent golf cart manufacturer that has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 2017. The company focuses on producing high-quality electric golf carts at affordable prices, making it one of the largest volume and fastest-growing manufacturers in the country. ICON® EV has revolutionized the low-speed vehicle (LSV) industry and has become a top player through its dedication to both its dealer network and customers.

About Ultimate Carts

Ultimate Carts is the EV golf carts arm of the Ultimate family of luxury vehicle dealerships in greater Central Florida and its coasts. The business group includes Ultimate Auto and Ultimate Marine, offering a highly personal service model that includes in-house custom manufacturing capabilities and a white-glove delivery experience. All are overseen by CEO Joe Labon, who started the first Ultimate Auto shop more than 30 years ago in Orlando. 

Service areas for Ultimate Carts include Orlando, Winter Park, Tampa, New Smyrna Beach, and The Villages. Ultimate Marine serves Sarasota to Clearwater on the West Coast, and Cape Canaveral to Jacksonville on the East Coast. Ultimate Auto is headquartered in Orlando.