ICON® EV and EPIC Carts™ : Harbingers of Change in EV Golf Carts

ICON® EV: Innovating Its Way to the Top

ICON® EV has revolutionized the low-speed vehicle (LSV) industry and has become a top player through its dedication to both its dealer network and customers. The manufacturer of high-quality electric golf carts has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 2017.

The commitment to industry innovation and dealer support has propelled ICON® EV to become the fastest-growing golf car company in the United States since its humble beginnings in 2017.

Under the ECO family of brands, ICON® EV offers various divisions that cater to different needs:

  • EPIC Carts™, with an emphasis on luxury, performance, and prestige;
  • Cruise Car®, which provides utility vehicles that exceed expectations while maintaining lower costs compared to competitors;
  • ICON® EV, the lifestyle brand that offers freedom of mobility on streets, blocks, golf courses, and beyond.

The company prides itself on constantly pushing the boundaries of what an electric golf cart can achieve. ICON® EV challenges limits and seeks to create carts that can do more. Carry an entire family to the grocery and back? ICON® can. Help you play in style and comfort? ICON® can promise that.

Leaving Choice in the Hands of the Consumer

Central to ICON® EV’s philosophy is offering choice, recognizing that one size does not fit all. Upgrades are included as standard on each ICON® golf cart, providing exceptional value at the same price point that competitors charge for their base models.

The focus is not on whether customers should choose an ICON® cart over another brand but rather on how many amazing features they desire at a price point they can afford.

The Future of ICON®

ICON® EV envisions a bright future in lockstep with dealers who have come aboard after visiting their production facilities to witness innovation in action. As the dealer network expands to meet the growing demand for their iconic brands, the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing hubs are continuously expanding. ICON® EV is committed to bringing new and exciting ideas to life in the electric vehicle (EV) and LSV universe, promising an ongoing journey of innovation and advancement.

EPIC Carts™: Luxury Performance in Synergy with ICON®

EPIC Carts™ has been providing customers with sleek, high-performing, and fully customizable electric golf carts for nearly 10 years. The brand started as a small operation in Texas and has grown to compete with the biggest names in the industry. In 2020, EPIC Carts™ became a part of the ICON® Electric Vehicles line, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

EPIC Carts™ is known for its emphasis on luxury, performance, and prestige. The brand aims to deliver an EPIC experience to its customers, constantly striving to make each day more EPIC than the last. As part of the ICON® EV’s ECO family of brands, EPIC Carts™ contributes to providing the ultimate low-speed vehicle experience alongside other divisions.

An EPIC Trajectory of Success

The brand’s founder, Sean Heatley, had a vision almost a decade ago to combine the benefits of an electric car with the customizability of a golf cart. This vision led to the creation of EPIC Carts™. Starting with a single retail facility in Texas, EPIC Carts™ has grown to challenge the dominance of the Big 3 golf cart companies, demonstrating an EPIC trajectory of success.

Becoming a part of the ICON® Electric Vehicle family in 2020 has propelled EPIC Carts™ to new heights. The commitment to customer satisfaction and the cutting-edge manufacturing processes of ICON® have strengthened the brand’s capabilities. With ICON®’s support, EPIC Carts™ is now able to produce more carts than ever before.

An Exceptional Street-Legal Product Line

EPIC Carts™ prides itself on carts known for their sleek design, capturing attention with their tight and stylish appearance. All EPIC carts are street legal and offer a range of up to 25 miles on a single charge.

The brand offers a range of models, accommodating both two-person vehicles and carts capable of carrying the entire family. EPIC carts are fully customizable.

EPIC Carts™ strives to live up to its name by providing customers with outstanding products and an EPIC experience. With its dedication to innovation, customization, and customer satisfaction, the brand continues to expand and make its mark in the industry.

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The best Central Florida dealership is Ultimate Carts, its newest facility at 845 N Mills Avenue.

About Ultimate Carts

Ultimate Carts is the EV golf carts arm of the Ultimate family of luxury vehicle dealerships in greater Central Florida and its coasts. The business group includes Ultimate Auto and Ultimate Marine, offering a highly personal service model that includes in-house custom manufacturing capabilities and a white-glove delivery experience. All are overseen by CEO Joe Labon, who started the first Ultimate Auto shop more than 30 years ago in Orlando. 

Service areas for Ultimate Carts include Orlando, Winter Park, Tampa, New Smyrna Beach, and The Villages. Ultimate Marine serves Sarasota to Clearwater on the West Coast, and Cape Canaveral to Jacksonville on the East Coast. Ultimate Auto is headquartered in Orlando.