Does Anyone Really Need To Know This Much About Golf Cart Windshields?

Do you really love golf cart acrylic as much as we do? 

Your golf cart windshield is protective and adds to your cart’s aesthetic. And if you intend to drive a street-legal golf cart or get hands-on and replace your golf cart windshield yourself, then, yes, you might need to know a few things we’ll mention here. 

Types of Golf Cart Windshields

Golf cart windshields come in various materials, thicknesses, and designs. Each type offers unique features and benefits. 

1. Standard acrylic windshields: affordable and functional

Standard acrylic windshields are a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on functionality. These windshields are available in clear or tinted options and can fit most golf cart makes and models. Designed to work with OEM struts, they provide perfect visibility on the road. With a thickness of 0.168 in. x  3/16 in. x 4mm, these windshields strike a balance between durability and affordability.

2. Impact-modified windshields: durability for extreme environments

For those who frequently venture off-road or require extra durability, impact-modified windshields are the ideal solution. Constructed from high-performance polycarbonate, these windshields offer exceptional resistance to shattering, making them perfect for golf courses, hunting trips, or industrial environments. Like standard windshields, impact-modified versions can be used with OEM struts and are available in clear or tinted options. With clarity and a thickness of 0.177 in. x 3/16 in. x ¼ in., these windshields provide both protection and visibility.

3. Quarter-inch-thick windshields: enhanced sturdiness

If you’re seeking a windshield with increased sturdiness, consider opting for a ¼-inch thick acrylic model. These windshields offer superior strength and minimal bowing or bending compared to their thinner counterparts. Available in clear or tinted options, they are equipped with clear polyurethane hinges. It’s important to note that these windshields are compatible only with OEM front struts.

4. DOT-legal windshields: safety and compliance for street-legal golf carts

Depending on your location and intended use for your golf cart, you may need a windshield that meets the standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Many communities require golf cart owners to equip their vehicles with high-quality, shatter-proof windshields that meet the requirements of Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). DOT-legal windshields commonly feature a polycarbonate blend with a thickness of 0.177″ to prevent shattering and scratches. Ensure compliance with local regulations by selecting a windshield that adheres to DOT standards.

5. One-piece windshields: simplicity and reliability

While not as widely popular as other types, one-piece windshields offer reliability and simplicity. You can find DOT-approved versions (AS4 and AS5 models) as well as options from golf cart manufacturers themselves. Unlike folding windshields, one-piece windshields do not provide the option to fold down. While this may limit cool airflow during summer months, it offers better insulation against cold air in winter. Available in clear or tinted versions, one-piece windshields can be purchased for most golf cart models.

Windshield Replacement on Your ICON EV Golf Cart

Tools needed: 

  • Wrench and socket in 10mm & 13mm 
  • Ratchet

Step One

Starting with one mirror, locate the bolts holding the mirror to the roof. Remove both nuts. While holding the mirror, remove both bolts. Set the mirror to the side. 

Repeat for the other mirror. 

Step Two

Remove the nuts and bolts that the windshield rests on. 

Step Three

With all of the hardware removed, the windshield can be removed by pulling the windshield towards you and prying open the black plastic retainers on the roof support bar.

Perform this task on both sides. Once both sides have been released from the roof supports, you can pull the windshield off. If replacing the windshield, you will need to remove the black plastic retainers and reuse them on the new windshield.

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