Golf Cart Safety Post-Holidays: Ensuring a Safe Ride Year-Round

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The festive season often sees an uptick in golf cart usage, whether for leisurely rides within communities or as a means to navigate large properties. However, post-holiday fatigue and distractions can inadvertently increase the risk of accidents. It is crucial, therefore, to conduct thorough safety checks and maintenance on these vehicles after the holiday season. […]

EV Golf Cart Safety: 10 Key Considerations

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Golf cart accidents are a grim topic, but we prefer talking about prevention rather than recovery. EV golf carts are a familiar sight in Florida. They’re commonly used around our gorgeous golf courses, resorts, retirement communities, neighborhoods, college and hospital campuses… You get the idea. While they can be a convenient and fun mode of […]

Florida Golf Cart Laws Simplified

Important Florida Golf Cart Law Update: Starting July 2023, new regulations require permits or licenses for teens to operate golf carts. Visit Ultimate Carts in Central Florida.